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120g Bruschette with parmesan, tomato and basil 4,30 €

120g Prosciutto with fruit, lime juice and toast 4,30 


0,33l Chicken soup with vegetables, meat and noodles 2,10

0,33l Tomato soup with parmesan cheese 2,10

0,33l Mushroom cream soup 2,00

The fish:

200g Salmon with mustard sauce 11,90€

200g Zander with grilled vegetables 12,50 


200/100g  Chicken steak with thyme sauce and juli vegetables 8,70

150/20/10/20g Chicken breast filled with prosciutto, dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese 9,00            

180g/100/200g Grilled duck breast with steamed red cabbage and Bavarian dumplings 13,90 


150g Pork tenderloin in herb crust with wine reduction 8,50

150g Pork tenderloin in prosciutte and bean pods 8,90


200g Steak and grilled asparagus (sauce of choice from the menu) 19,00

(omáčka podľa výberu z ponuky)

150g Beef stroganoff 15,50

150g Fried veal steak 8,50 


100/250g Chicken salad with honey-lemon dressing 8,00

(salad, grapes, apple, cucumber, grilled chicken breast, toast)

80/20/250g Greek salad 8,00

(cucumber, pepper, tomato, feta, olives, olive oil, toast)

80/80/190g  Salad with grilled feta cheese, balzamic reduction and champignons 8,00

(seasonal lettuce according to the current offer)


350g Vegetable risotto with chicken 7,50

350g Spinach risotto with chicken and parmesan cheese 7,50

350g Mushroom risotto with parmesan 7,50


100/250g Mushroom tagliatelle with marinated pork tenderloin 9,00

350g Penne with tomato sauce, basil, parmesan and olives 6,90

100/250g Penne with chicken meat, pores and corn 7,50


150g Boiled potatoes with butter 1,60

150g Baked potatos 1,60

150g Fries 1,60

150g American potatos 1,60

200g Pressed potatoes on onion 1,60

150g Rice 1,60

200g Grilled vegetables 3,00

200g Steamed vegetables 3,00


50g Tartar sauce 1,00

50g Ketchup 0,80

50g Garlic dressing 1,20

50g Yogurt-herbal dressing 1,30

Attachment salads:

120g Cucumber 1,80

120g Tomato-onion 1,80

120g Mixed 1,80

120g Cabbagy-carrot 1,80


0,1l Mushroom 2,30

0,1l Demi glace 2,30

0,1l Blue cheese 2,30

0,1l BBQ 2,30

0,1l Green papper 2,30


110/50/40g Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and forest fruits 4,00

1ks/70g Pancake (with nutella, jam, with whipped cream and fruit) 2,00

60/40g Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 3,00

120/10g Ice-cream cup with fruit and whipped cream 4,00

Classic menu:

150g Fried chicken / pork slices 6,50

150g Chicken/beef stuffed with chees, dipped in potatoes batter 6,50

130g Cordon Bleu 7,00

150g Fried cheese 5,90

On order 24 hours beforehand:

roast duck, grilled pork ribs, baked pork knees, or other orders